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Injuries can leave you sidelined and overwhelmed with pain. The team at Dayton Orthopaedic has helped countless individuals with their injuries. Whether it’s joint reconstructive surgery or stem cell orthobiologics, we pride ourselves on getting you back to you again. 

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Workplace Injuries

Tired of being told that there is nothing wrong after you have been injured at work!? Schedule your consultation now and get back to you again!

Shoulder Reconstruction

Shoulder reconstructions are not a ‘routine’ surgery. It takes years of dedicated research and knowledge to perform this procedure correctly. The team at Dayton Orthopaedic can help.

Knee Reconstruction

Knee injuries are not just common with athletes, and for our older patients not everyone requires a knee replacement. We offer a wide variety of treatment options for young and old alike. While surgery is always an option we believe it should be a last resort. You owe it to yourself to explore the cutting-edge treatment options that our practice offers before making the commitment to surgery.

Stem Cell Biologics and Joint Restoration

Dynamic healing that empowers the body to repair and regenerate itself using cell-based treatments. To find out more, or to schedule your consultation, click the button on the right. 

Sports Medicine

Sports injuries can take you out of the game. These injuries, treated with neglect can prevent you from returning to your favorite sports related activity. We take pride in having treated athletes for over 25 years in the Dayton area. 

Total joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgery can be an overwhelming proposition, however not everybody requires a total joint replacement. Understand your options before you have a total joint reconstruction, and make sure that all treatment options have been discussed with your physician.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel problems can occur for a multitude of reasons. If you have been told by your family doctor that you may be suffering from Carpal Tunnel or any other neurologic problem then give us a call.

Foot and Ankle

Some of the more debilitating injuries that patients experience are injuries to their foot and ankle. A precise diagnosis is necessary to properly treat these injuries. With a good clinical examination by an experienced physician combined with state of the art imaging we can better diagnose these complex problems. 

Neck and Back

The leading cause of disability in the United States is low back and neck pain. Before you have surgery see one of our team to discuss your options. Our practice offers a wide array of non-surgical options including Interventional treatment.

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