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Dayton Orthopaedic Surgery is a multifaceted practice. As the field of orthopaedic surgery has evolved over the years so has our practice. While we endeavor to offer quality general orthopaedics for all ages, exciting changes in several areas of this vast field have presented enormous opportunity for treatment options that as recent as a year ago were not available to the general public. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality care including the latest, safest and most affordable treatment options to you and your family

Surgical intervention should always be the last resort. With the advent of interventional treatments including lumbar epidural steroid injections, viscoelastic supplementation, new treatments with stem cell biology, spinal cord stimulation and other exciting treatments options it is possible to forego surgery entirely.

Our practice offers a vast array of these cutting-edge techniques that oftentimes can be done in the office setting with minimal sedation and very little discomfort. Let us know how we can be of service to you or a family member

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